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Stop Termites in hawaii

Ground termites cause more damage in the United States than tornadoes, fires, and earthquakes combined!


Property ownership is a major investment; don’t let ground termites devalue that investment.  Let us help you protect your investment using one of the following treatment processes.

Ground termites do a lot more damage to Hawaii properties (and more quickly) than do drywood termites. They live underground and get needed water from moisture in the soil. Ground termites never venture out for food. Instead, they build what’s known as mud tubes that lead from their colonies to the wood sources. So, one sure sign of ground termite infestation is finding their mud tubes in walls or along wood structures in and around the property. Ground termites follow the grain of wood as they eat, so this is another indication of ground versus drywood termites


Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System


Sentricon is a baiting system rather than a liquid treatment, which is great for homeowners and property managers looking for a less invasive ground treatment method that is gentler on the home, the yard, and the environment.

The cost of Sentricon® installation and monitoring is based on perimeter linear footage of a structure. There is an initial installation cost which also includes monitoring throughout the first year. On year two and each year thereafter, there will be an annual renewal fee. All costs for installation and recurring monitoring may be as low as $55.00 per month (or about $1.75 per day).


Sentricon® is guaranteed for as long as the “above ground” stations are in the ground on the property. The frequency at which our company services Sentricon® stations is based on termite activity going on and other readings from the bait stations.

Along with the Sentricon® System, Corteva also created a bait formulation called Recruit® that is used with the system. The active ingredient in Recruit® is noviflumuron. Noviflumuron is an insect growth regulator that prevents molting and development of termites, which eventually leads to the elimination of an entire colony.


Alternative Termite Treatments


There certainly are alternative treatments on the market for ground termites. Of course, there are other brands of in-ground baiting systems that may be professionally installed and monitored, but none that are backed by the extensive scientific research and success as that of Sentricon®. There are also in-ground baits that can be purchased online and in hardware stores, and then personally installed and monitored. Keep in mind, though, that due diligence is required when installing and monitoring on one’s own. After initial installation, there is the matter of ongoing monitoring of the bait stations and the structure itself. Additional stations might need to be added if the termites don’t find the initial bait stations. A supplementary liquid barrier might be warranted. Alas, even if/when a colony has been eradicated, foraging termites from nearby infestations is always a concern, so continued maintenance and monitoring of bait stations is essential to keeping the property free of termites.



Liquid barriers around the perimeter of the structure are another form of ground termite treatment. Liquid barrier treatments provide a “barrier” in the ground that stops termites from entering and infesting the structure. The liquid treatment used either kills or repels the termites, and eventually, any termites within the structure will also die. Liquid treatments may require digging, trenching, and concrete drilling to inject the treatment into certain areas of the property. Liquid barrier treatments are more invasive then bait stations to the home, yard, and environment.

Termidor® is a liquid treatment that boasts a kill rate 6X faster than most baiting systems on the market, and will rid your home of ground termites for up to five years.

Keep in mind, every property is different and there are numerous considerations that need to be taken into account when choosing a treatment option. These considerations can be explained to you in greater detail at the time of your free estimate inspection.


Alternative, Organic Options Available

We understand that green pest control is important to you and we agree that your operation should remain a safe and healthy environment. Some new technology we are using now allows us to provide quality pest control services using the latest chemistry in botanical oils. The combination of botanical oils target and block octopamine, which is an important neurotransmitter and hormone in insects. Mammals do not possess these identical receptors; therefore, botanical oils have no adverse affect on people or animals.

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At Accu-Pest Hawaii, we solve pest problems quickly, safely, effectively, and for the best price possible! Our trained, licensed, and experienced personnel accurately identify pest problems, and recommend the best synthetic and/or organic options available to meet customer preferences. We are humbly proud to say, “We’re not just Different – We’re Better!” Our relentless pursuit to outperform the rest through service, diligence, and integrity makes us better. We know you have many options, so when you’re looking for the right pest control company for your needs, don’t compare us to the others. Compare the Others to Us! We are so confident in the quality of services we provide that we offer a

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2 Locations

Maui 808-244-3929

Oahu 808-488-3100

How do I know if I have ground termites?


The first sign of a ground termite infestation will probably be the mud tubes that they build leading from their underground colonies to wood sources. These mud tubes are about the width of a pencil and just look like mud. Sometimes, the mud tubes will be easy to spot on concrete foundations or sides of the outside of the structure or in the garage. Most times, though, the mud tubes are a little hidden away in cracks in cement or wooden walls, behind baseboards, and underneath flooring. Swarmers may be a sign of infestation, but keep in mind, when it is swarming season all termites are attracted to light (like outdoor porch lights). So, swarming termites is not necessarily a sign of infestation. Hollow wood may be another sign of any kind of termite infestation.

How much damage can a ground termite infestation do?


Ground termites do a lot more damage to Hawaii properties (and more quickly) than do drywood termites. Their colonies range from 1.4-6.8 million termites. A study done by the National Pest Management Association documented that a colony of three million termites ate one foot of wood every two days! So, a mature ground termite colony can cause massive structural damage in less than a year.

My neighbor has termites. Will I get them too?


It is important to understand that termites – while never looking for a specific home or property – forage year-round, and do so mostly underground. If you currently have a termite-free home, it can become infested by termite activity going on close by. The best recommendation for a termite-free home or property is a preventative termite control program. Contact your pest control specialist for more information on termite control programs.

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